, Grampa Jones is an award winning author who has a unique way of  making a story interesting and exciting to children. At the same time he creates certain elements within the story thateaches even young children the meaning of words, techniques of reading, and encourages them to be writers. He does this in a way that they don't even know they are learning. In other words, he takes the pain and drudgery out of learning. Five great children's books 

                                                  ,Thomas Jefferson, a virtual author of this book, rescued from the New Testament of the Bible some of the things that Jesus probably and most likely said and compiled them into a wee little book. There is a complete simulated copy of it in, It Isn't The Jefferson Bible... 

                   , The author considers eating as we do in America as an addiction. This book details the author's addiction and his struggle with that. He came up with a simple plan that works extremely well; he lost over 60 pounds. No counting calories, no complicated formulas that don't work. This is an easy, comfortable, and permanent way to encourage a new, thin, and healthy way of life for any food addict's recovery.  Recovery is just a book away, America's Most Dangerous Addiction.

                                 , Over the past four decades the author has found that real estate periodically fluctuates. There are  peaks and valleys to be sure. It is frightening to have valleys but these are by far the best times to buy. There are terrific bargains out there and lots of ways to apply the principles detailed in "real-world" The Practical Real Estate Handbook. 

Books about food addicts and a real estate investment handbook from Grampa Jones Publishing
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