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Educational, interesting, and exciting books that kids will love to read
Rudy The Rangifer and why her nose turned orange. 

An educational first reader for young people as well as for children of all ages!

It reveals the early years of Rudy and the way this certain reindeer happened to have that certain colored nose! And also it reveals what color mixed with red makes orange and the reason for Rudy's orange nose. 

BONUS STORY: The Littlest Christmas Tree.

Joint Jerome Jones 

Gramma and Grampa Jones discover a mouse living above their entryway. They are frightened to begin with, but finally get to know the mouse and they become friends. Then they discover that the mouse has a family, they are all delighted and their life becomes exciting and delightful. But then the mice begin to get into things and making a mess and Grampa insists that they all leave. Sadly they say goodbye and go out into the cold, rainy night. Grampa is stricken with guilt and decides to find the mice and bring them back home, back to where they belong. He tries to track them down. Will Grampa be able to find them, and if he does, will they come back home? 

Droogens and Boogers, A Story About Cooperation And Cookies

Gramma and Grampa were delighted when they began finding Boogers on their doorstep. It was exciting but they became even more delighted when they discovered a little girl, Anna, in the Enchanted Forest. They were excited but they were a little sad too, because Anna missed her real family. Will Anna ever find her real family? And what are Boogers, and where are they coming from? A great educational first reader for children. 
Aaron Burrd, the Paranoid Bird with Acute Acrophobia

When Aaron was born; his parents, Admiral and Lady Burrd, were more than a little bit disappointed. He wasn't like the other birds. He had one blue eye and one brown eye; all the other birds had both blue eyes. His feathers were different colors and looked a little ragged; the other birds had all one-color feathers and they looked neat and well groomed. His feet were big and he was clumsy and he wasn’t very good looking either. But the worst thing and it was a very bad thing, Aaron was afraid of high places. How will he ever be able to tell his friends? And how will he be able to face his parents, Admiral and Lady Burrd?

Planet X

An exciting story of adventure and intrigue. A young boy, his family, and a friend travel to a distant planet to find adventure galore. 

Written by two young boys-one 11 and one 13 years old. It is a fine example of what kids can do if they are just given a chance.

You'll be amazed at the quality, content, humor, and suspense they were able to instill in the story. It will have you sitting on the edge of your seat (So to speak.)  I'm very proud of them. 

The book is color inside with all original illustrations. A really, really neat book!
Grampa Jones is an award winning author who has a unique way of  making a story interesting and exciting to children. At the same time he instills certain elements into the story that teaches even young children the meaning of words, techniques of reading, and encourages them to be writers. He does this in a way that they don't even know they are learning. In other words, he takes the pain and drudgery out of learning. Five great children's books just waiting for you!