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No expensive fads or extreme diets that don't work. No expensive shipped in food or unhealthy medication that is supposed to remove fat and build muscle but does nothing at all. Get thin and healthy by eating about like you do now.

This is a proven step by step plan that will let you break this food addiction and let you begin living a happier and healthier life. I did it and you can do it too! You will just eat less.

This book details my own addiction and my dealing with and control that. I simply took the responsibility for my own health and well being into my own hands and now I enjoy life a lot more.

Food is addictive, let a recovering food addict tell you how to break this addiction & how to get rid of that unwanted fat and how to keep it off for good! Eat less and enjoy it more.

Now at 215 lbs, down from 275 lbs, the author feels great and has tons of energy. 

He says, "This is thy to lose the weight and keep it off. It's easy and there are no complicated formulas, counting calories, or expensive diet gimmicks to worry about. 

              Anyone can do it !

 Weight Loss, & fitness, recover from Food Addiction