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Probably the most likely to provoke inflammatory reaction, as well and the most dangerous when questioned are the elements within this publication. These elements are; the definition and origin of God, religion, the Devil, and the relevance of the Holy Bible. Questioning these things through history has been cause for horrible torture, death, and/or financial ruin for countless of innocent and most likely moral and virtuous people. 

But in spite of the danger, the author’s intention in writing this book is to point out a way for the religious congregations to loosen the inherited and engrained yoke of subjugation that sits on their necks, to explain what’s really going on the world of religion, and to help in the quest to keep the religious zealots and/or their illusive God(s) out of controlling or influencing the government of any country

When people or the clergy, priests, or ministers refer to the Bible, religion, or God, the reference almost always gets back to the things about Jesus that someone said He said that is written in the Bible. And now, because those things about Jesus in the Bible have become so muddled and made so indistinct and so craftily hidden, the laymen people must rely on what the clergy, priests, and ministers assume to find and interpret it for them-and very important, for a price. 

Do you know the disciple that betrayed Jesus?
  It wasn't Judas-and you might be surprised who it was.
           Where did the Bible really come from?
These books tells the truth about the.mystery of religion
      Is Jesus really in any religion on earth today?
       Where did the idea of religion come from?
Was God just an idea that occurred to primitive man?
                  Is there really a devil?