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Describes little known facts about where the Declaration of   Independence and the Constitution came from.  

They were copied from other foreign documents and not made up from scratch by Jefferson and Madison. and the founding fathers.

A complete copy; with all of the  updates and all of the Amendments,    
including the Bill of Rights; are    
included in this book.
Gives insight into how George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson participated in creating our new country.
This book tells the real way America came into being. It wasn't thru divine inspiration. It WAS because those founders had a lot of stuff that had worked in varying degrees in other countries and in history to copy from. And it was because of a lot of fighting and arguing to try to get it right. About like we have always done and are doing now. 

This fighting aint nothin new baby, it's old hat.

It also includes the documents leading up to the Declaration and the ones between the Declaration and the Constitution. There is also a complete copy of the Declaration and the Constitution with all the Amendments and the changes to these.

And to make it easier to keep track of what went on, there is a list by date and description of the key events and documents. 

For example,  
The The Original Declaration of Independence.    
The Treaty of Paris.
The Articles of Confederation.
The Bill of Rights and where they came from
The complete U.S. Constitution with additions and changes documented.
The First Ten Amendments and how they came about

The author gives his 21st century opinion about these and America itself. Very interesting and provocative. 

A must read for all Americans especially in these troubled time.